This program’s success will be the two-phase employment process that will incorporate both a training phase and a job-referral phase.

This program is designed to provide apartment, multi-tenant or single family housing for clients that have completed or are currently in the program and not residing at a half-way house facility. Ex-offenders, both male and female, find it very hard to locate and qualify for permanent housing needs for themselves and their families due to credit checks, background checks or documented work experience. Housing may be one of the most important issues for ex-offenders reentering society, but it also may be the hardest problem to solve. The program’s goal is to partner with various apartment complexes and rental agencies to accept ex-offenders and provide them with housing.

Another goal for the housing program will be to purchase distressed and abandoned properties including the solicitation of donated residential and commercial property from individuals, businesses and corporations. Selected properties to be used in the program will be duplexes, tri-plexes, quad-plexes, apartment buildings or single family homes to be cleaned, painted, repaired, renovated and/or maintained by ex-offenders. This planned program will operate from the support of participating donors, grants or strategic partners, and will have benefits for both the program and the ex-offender clients.

A safe and secure place to live becomes a prime stability factor for people rebuilding their lives. Permanent housing options should include the needs of families and children of the exoffender. Providing the opportunity to reunite families in decent  housing can be an important way to help the ex-offender settle back into the community as a law-abiding and contributing