Job Training

This program will provide onsite and offsite classroom training during the course of the exoffender’s contract.

Working in conjunction with the job-training program, this program will provide GED studies, computer literacy skills, internet access and job placement services to include resume preparation and job interviewing techniques. This program will be available for all clients that are placed in the employment and job-training programs. The program will incorporate a GED (General Education Development) testing service along with computer literacy and skills training to help ex-offender clients improve their employability, academic and life skills. In addition, familiarity with the Internet and electronic mail (e-mail) puts a whole new world of communication and information at the fingertips of modern ex-offenders. Job placement services will be offered to ex-offenders that are seeking employment. These services would include resume preparation, job interviewing techniques and job placement referrals.

As a nonprofit agency providing job placement referrals to its associated membership of construction and landscaping business partners, this program would be fully funded from corporate and business donations, grants, joint-partnerships or the periodic monetary and pledged commitments from strategic partners and alliances supporting its business objectives